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Synonyms for yardstick

Synonyms for yardstick

a means by which individuals are compared and judged

Synonyms for yardstick

a measure or standard used for comparison

a ruler or tape that is three feet long


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"I am delighted to join the Yardstick team and support our roster of mission-driven clients on key strategic priorities where DEI often serves as the lynchpin to our client's success," - said Calhoun.
We soon talked to John, and he said he had captured pictures of Yardstick the previous fall--and that he was the biggest he'd ever been!
Chye Seng Huat served as an inspiration to Yardstick cafe's look and feel.
The main noticeable instance of the yardstick of whiteness is in the biographical headnotes placed before the author's work.
The "yardstick" document is also drawing criticism.
The yardstick is expected to apply mainly to quarries in Fukushima Prefecture, but details will be discussed at the panel's meetings.
JAMES MILNER believes Saturday's friendly international against Brazil in Doha will be the ideal yardstick to demonstrate whether England should be considered serious World Cup contenders next summer.
I used a yardstick to measure the carpet in the garage since it held down the curling edges and provided a nice straightedge.
YARDSTICK. Not long back from the summer break, straight into the UK City of Culture project and I really wanted to open with "benchmark" - but I've already used that one!
"The white yardstick is: 'Oh, how far we have come from the nation we used to be," he said.
Summary: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said Monday that American practices were the main yardstick to judge real change in Washington's policy towards Tehran.
WASHINGTON -- The World Bank reports that more people are living in poverty in developing countries than previously thought after it adjusted the recognized yardstick for measuring extreme poverty from $1 to $1.25 a day.
We're not against cameras, we just recognise a lot of people are being prosecuted who wouldn't have been 10 years ago, and that points alone are no longer a yardstick for driver evaluation." With 10million UK drivers now holding points, I think he's right.
When it comes to war photography, Vietnam remains the bloody yardstick. During the Tet Offensive in 1968 (weeks of intense battle which turned many Americans against the war), Time magazine ran a story with photos showing dozens of dead American soldiers stacked like wood (see photo below).