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worker in a railway yard

a laborer hired to do outdoor work (such as mowing lawns)

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* Dai Inker, a yardman for the Taff Ely Council in Pontypridd, whose responsibilities included looking after 30 or so stray mogggies who have made their home at the Millfield depot.
He's also keen to share his knowledge with others and has just launched Titan Fitness Academy alongside his job as a yardman for a means I am very busy during the working week, but I don't find exercise a hassle - I find that it can be a great way to keep my mind focused on the job and helps me wind down from the day.
Alongside the exhibition Compton Verney has invited the public to submit its own examples of folk art, and the most remarkable find has been a collection of around 250 ballpoint drawings made by Albert H Barnett while working as a yardman at a Birmingham gasworks in the 1970s.
For example, a marine engineering technician can apply for EngTech registration and corporate membership once he or she has completed the leading engineering technician operational performance standard; similarly a marine engineer officer (senior upper yardman)--general service or marine engineer officer (senior upper yardman)--submarine specialisation can apply for IEng registration and corporate membership once he or she has successfully completed the machinery charge qualification.
He worked as a yardman for the railroad, in a sawmill and as a farmer.
Dilys - and her Gwynedd councillor husband Glyn - looked after Gethin while Llinos worked at Pwllheli accountants, Griffith, Williams and Co and Alan worked as a forklift driver and yardman for C L Jones, builders merchants, Mynytho.
"But when our yardman went away to find a manager, the guys opened up the back of the van and lobbed the cow into the yard.
Only the hum of the lodge's generator and the distant buzz of an occasional motorboat disturbed the slap of the waves against the white sand that the yardman, Joe, had meticulously raked.
Won't be picking flowers for the vases as Mother hoped--they need a yardman. She asks why I persist in destroying my prospects for marriage; says I need to consider my future.
He described a recent dream in which he had encountered a young Negro boy who was once his yardman. This was "odd," he wrote, "because the boy had been dead more than 12 years." As they discussed the changes that had occurred in Sarasota, the young boy said that he had heard there was now a "colored folks' beach." No, Kantor had to tell him, he was mistaken about that.
"My grandfather was a yardman and my grandmother was a maid," he says.
Bill Sutton whose late father Alf was yardman at the depot has sent in this picture of the hut taken during the heavy snows of 1947.
The firm's Yardman YM6018PS petrol-engine mower has a 46cm steel deck and is self-propelled with a lever height adjuster.
Love's terms here are far from "cozy." There are no bedroom scenes of couples like Violet/Violent and Joe Trace lying underneath the covers in the dark, whispering to each other what is in their hearts, tenderly exploring each other's bodies; no Sula mounting her lover, looking into his "golden eyes and the velvet helmet of [his] hair, rocking, swaying" to the "creeping disorder that was flooding her hips"; no First Corinthians "tilt[ing] [her lover's] chin up with her fingers and plant[ing] a feathery kiss on his throat." Despite all of Cosey's rumored lovers, his "pleasure in pleasing," there are few descriptions of pleasure in this text, except perhaps for Junior's trysts with Romen, the 16-year-old male Heed hires as yardman and errand boy.
In tight areas where signals could not be given within the engineer's view an extra yardman could be assigned to the crew when necessary.