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member of an international gang of Jamaican criminals who sell drugs and violence

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There's plenty of meat in this story for Idris Elba, the actor making his directorial debut here, to sink his teeth into, especially when the action of "Yardie" shifts, in 1983, from Jamaica to the London of Elba's youth.
Indeed Yardie is set in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970s and Hackney in the 1980s and follows a young Jamaican man named D who has never really recovered from the murder of his older brother.
Yardie is a depressingly familiar tale of macho posturing, failed ambition and deep-rooted grief that lacks a distinctive voice behind the camera.
Elba's film sees a young Jamaican called D seeking revenge on the Yardie gangster who killed his brother.
To celebrate the release of Yardie (15), the Wishaw Press have teamed up with our friends ATVUE Cinema in Hamilton, where every 2D seat is PS4.99, to offer one lucky reader two tickets to see the film.
LONDON (AP) -- Was that martini offered to Idris Elba at the "Yardie" premiere shaken or stirred?
The defendant, Chaves Keith Colby Buffong-Foulkes - nicknamed "Yardie" - was driving by and saw the incident.
He's joined by Jamaicanborn Prince Harry, aka White Yardie, Thanyia Moore - 2013 Best Female Newcomer at the Black Comedy Awards - and Will-E.
The survey work was carried out from the vessel Yardie Creek with the work completed in less than four weeks.
Police also last night revealed they are on their guard to stop Yardie gangs - feared for their control of the UK's crack cocaine market and violence - from moving into cities like Newcastle.
There are Yardie and East European gangs dealing drugs and buying and selling women.
Yardie activity is no longer confined to urban conurbations like London, the West Midlands and Manchester but has 'exploded' throughout rural regions, the report for the Caribbean gun crime group of the Association of Chief Police Officers reportedly says.
POLICE chiefs today slated a report that claims Yardie gangs have a foothold on Teesside.