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distance measured in the aggregate number of yards

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At South Fork High in Stuart, Fla., he was the all-time passing yardage leader at an incredible 6,673 yards and 58 touchdowns.
To learn where to aim the tip at every yardage, divide the inches your arrow struck above the target by the yardage at which you were standing when you shot the arrow.
When I see a player reach for a 3 wood for an approach into a par 5 and I ask them what yardage they expect for their next shot, the response I often get 'I'm just trying to get it as close to the green as possible.' But If you feel less comfortable hitting a shot from 50 yards, than you do 100 yards, then why would you want to have the shorter shot in?
Winners on March 25 included: Gary Harper (short yardage); Tom Parr (mid-yardage); Dale Sterling (long yardage); Gene Crawford (AA doubles); Paul Mcintosh (A doubles); Tom Hare (B doubles); Ed Hutchison (C doubles); Robert Johnson (D doubles); Todd Saunders (AA singles); Tom Hare (A singles); Jerry Callaway (B singles); Mark Hauge (C singles); and Neil Vann (D singles).
Yardage estimates can be calculated with several different widths of fabric as well as fat quarters.
Johnson's margin of victory would have been greater had he not been handed a controversial penalty during the final round Type of player suited to challenge Powerhouses could dominate with an enormous amount of yardage to cover.
Cash provides two different options for each quilt--one with purchased fabric and one using stash contents--and shows how to use each in a range of quilts that can help use up a backlog of stash materials while integrating results with purchased yardage. Since cutting and sorting this combination can be challenging, chapters offer specific strategies for combining and problem-solving using step-by-step methods that leave little to wondering, accompanying all with color photos that supplement text descriptions.
12The Masters is the only Major golf tournament in which the yardage of each hole is rounded off to end in "5" or "0."
Work for this project consists of the following tasks: Independently review reports of current tonnages, yardage, and can counts handled by material type and jurisdiction of origin; Compare values to previous years to determine source of significant differences; Determine basis for significant fluctuations in tonnages, yardage, and can count changes; Determine basis for significant fluctuations in tonnages, yardage, and can count changes; Provide written report to the Authority on findings; etc.
The sight has precision-click, micro-adjust windage and a tool-less yardage and windage lock.
'I he yardage given includes an additional 50/o to account for fabric shrinkage and individual differences in cutting.
Not haying expected a shot from that direction, I was unfamiliar with the yardage to the path the doe was traveling.
According to ESPN NFL writer Jeff Legwold, the league will have a second look on Manning's record-breaking night after he shattered both the passing touchdown and yardage record.
Try it on your swing and see if you can pick up some extra yardage. Or, if one member of your foursome is a loudmouth, you might suggest this technique for him.
Jacob Brookes-Ashton made further yardage and then Joe Almond handed off a series of defenders to open Underbank's account.