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distance measured in the aggregate number of yards

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Gary Trenle won the Mid Yardage title, while Philip Daniel took the Short Yardage title.
They're inefficient at determining yardage and shooting invisible bull's-eyes.
Recommendation Buy Baltimore at New England TD yardage at 115 Sporting Index
In the five conference games, the winning team in each instance was the one with more rushing yardage.
But you are giving yourself a much better chance if you work out the yardage on each shot rather than relying on eyesight alone.
We spoke in Orlando a few weeks ago and he said 'You know I have a yardage book, would you like to use it?
Play selection may favor short yardage type plays with wedge blocking.
How else can you explain why they've introduced Bushnell's Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder, which is the most useful hunting accessory since the telescopic sight?
95), a survey of almost 900 golf facilities in the state, from new courses to old favorites, which includes yardage, par, USGA ratings and more.
I have heard a lot of stories on the correct sight-in yardage.
Without the guidance of his usual caddie Tony Navarro, Norman had his yardage book in hand and tried to find sprinkler heads or other markers on the fairway to judge the distance to the green.
Bushnell continues to capitalize on its award-winning Yardaae Pro series, with the introduction of the Yardage Pro Quest for 2003.
The trouble started when Somoza asked Garcia on the approach to the ninth his view of the yardage.
As autumn arrives, fabric shops display beautiful woolen yardage from around the world.