yard-long bean

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South American bean having very long succulent pods

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Though they do taste much Like common green beans, yard-long beans are more tender when cooked and turn a much darker green.
The focus of this investigation is to determine and describe the presence of extrafloral nectaries on yard-long beans (Vigna unguiculata L.
We grow lettuce, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, okra, black-eyed peas, yard-long beans, sweet potatoes, papayas, pineapples, coffee, and occasionally cucumbers and melons.
Try classic varieties 'Blue Lake' and 'Kentucky Wonder'; red-flowered scarlet runner; or yard-long beans (Chinese long beans), which have 2-foot-long pods.
Yard-long beans Related to southern 'Mosaic,' 'Red Noodle,' (Vigna peas, yard-long 'Green Pod' sesquipedalis) 80 (asparagus) beans need days plenty of warm sun.
Yard-long beans are traditionally used in this dish, but round-pod and Kentucky Wonder green beans are equally satisfactory.
The Klimpkes grow Chinese long beans (also called yard-long beans or asparagus beans) on the trellises in spring, snow peas in fall.
com) came alive when people started discussing prolific, heat-resistant yard-long beans (Vigna unguiculata), particularly the 'Red Noodle' variety.
These are asparagus beans, also known as Chinese long beans and yard-long beans (Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis).
Exuberant 'Liana' and other yard-long beans must have hot weather and a sturdy trellis, so they're a great choice in climates where summers get so hot that regular beans drop their blossoms in protest.
They are sometimes called Chinese long beans or yard-long beans, even though their maximum length is 2 feet.