yard sale

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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises

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The yard sale takes place on April 29 from 12pm till 3pm inside the Heritage Farmers Market Shop, High Street, Lochwinnoch.
guru) intuitive and easy to use website where everyone can register his or her yard sale, monitor the status as well exchange communications with potential buyers
The Yard Sale has become another wonderful Wilmette tradition," said neighbor Kelly Dondanville.
These maps will be available on the common the day of the yard sale for a $1 donation starting at 7:30 a.
Tori Spelling's yard sale made the broadcast that night," he told Us Weekly magazine.
Bargain-hunters were sifting through the goods by the yard sale on Saturday which included office chairs, camping gear and other offerings.
The yard sale, which was supported by Starbucks in Llanishen, who supplied paper cups and lids, raised pounds 201.
Garage sales, yard sales, tag sales--whatever you call them in your neck of the woods--reached a fever pitch during the warm months.
To have a yard sale, you need things that you no longer want, but that other people could use.
When Andy goes to summer school, Woody is accidentally put into a yard sale and grabbed by a toy collector.
The P&G brand served as the official cleaner of the World's Longest Yard Sale, the 21st annual event that stretches
Anita Lewis held a yard sale at her home in Elmira, New York on Saturday while husband Terence slept.
The yard sale was held on the grounds of the local elementary school, and by 8 a.
An American-style yard sale has been adopted by George Wimpey to launch its Winchester Gardens development in Pontprennau, Cardiff.