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The one constant is the return to the starting line after the directional move to the next yard line.
Note: The athletes begin each drill lined-up where the sideline intersects with a yard line. A verbal or visual cue can start the drill, specific to the sport or position group executing the drill.
Brian McGinty raced clear on the right in 55 minutes then played a brilliant pass along the six yard line.
He sprints five yards to Cone #2, touches the yard line with his right hand, sprints back to the starting line and touches it with his right hand, and then swoops around the outside of the second cone, inside of the third cone, and finishes by sprinting around the outside of all three cones to the original starting line.
Tenders are invited for Trr(P) From Km 632.59-634.7 On Dn Gc Line And From Km 583.00-588.00, 593.00-599.00, 603.50-604.00, 620.00-621.00, 633.00-634.20 & 642.00-648.00 On Up Gc Line (Total 21.81 Km ), Ctr(S) Tsr/P & Trr/S Seb Line No.9=1.10 Km, Seb Yard Line No-13=0.80Km & Seb Yard Line No.
Maroa-Forsyth recovered and had possession at their own 17 yard line.
It took the Trojans just two plays to score the first touchdown of the game when Trojan running back Gavin Clifton ran into the end zone from the Chester six yard line. Reilly Fitzpatrick kicked the first of what would be six extra points and the Trojans led, 7-0, just 34 seconds into the game.
Sprint to Cone 2 and perform a right-hand touch on the yard line. Sprint back to Cone 1 and perform another right-hand touch on the yard line.
Tenders are invited for (1) Ctr(P) 2.64 Km Of Main Lines & Ctr(S) 5.0 Km Of Yard Line In C/With Saharanpur Ee Ludhiana- Ctr 5.789 (Primary), Sirhind Ee Amb Andaure EeCtr 1.00 Km (Primary) & Ambala Division Yard Lines Ee Ctr 32.876 (Secondary) Over Ambala Division Under Den-Iv/Ambala.
Ignore the yard line! We will never practice on a yard line.
Tenders are invited for (1) CTR(P) 2.64 Km of main lines & CTR(s) 5.0 KM of yard line in c/with Saharanpur a Ludhiana- CTR 5.789 (Primary) Sirhind a Amb Andaure aCTR 1.00 KM (Primary) & Ambala Division yard lines a CTR 32.876 (Secondary) over Ambala Division under DEN-IV/Ambala.
Tenders are invited for Trr(P) From Km 632.59-634.7 On Dn Gc Line And From Km 583.00-588.00,593.00-599.00, 603.50-604.00, 620.00-621.00, 633.00-632.20 & 642.00-648.00 On Up Gc Line ( Total 33.25Km ), Ctr(S) Tsr/P & Trr/S Seb Line No.9=1.10 Km, Seb Yard Line No.13=0.80 Km & Seb Yard Line No.
Interval 2: Run from the goal line to the opposite 10 yard line (90 yards) and back (90 yards), a total of 180 yards.
Object 20, Sue Sandacher Built in 1970, the bridge is designed as a prestressed concrete construction and is motorized (2 lanes) and the non-motorized transport as crossing the N1 national road, the tracks of the Limmat and the marshalling yard line tracks Dietikon - Kill cheeks.
Tenders are invited for TSR(S) 22.544 KM of yard lines TRR(P) 3.183 KM of main lines TRR(S) 37.774 Km of yard lines in c/with Moradabad-Saharanpur- CTR 3.59 km, TRR 2.40KM (Primary), Saharanpur-Ludhiana-CTR 5.789 km, TRR0.783 KM (Primary) & Ambala Division yard lines-CTR 32.876 KM.