yard goods

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merchandise in the form of fabrics sold by the yard

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Catalog of Amish and plain clothing, infant wear, shoes, accessories, linens, books, games, sewing and quilting supplies, and a large yard goods department.
All went well until Old Faultless dramatically flipped open packet of threads, buttons, needle, yard goods, and whatever else goes into a Day's Inn mending kit, which Guess-Who had stuck into the matchbook container.
I know from sad personal experience that it is not easy to make people of more than a certain girth look snazzy, and she has created costumes for both Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Be Be Winans that actually make a virtue of obesity, as providing ampler opportunity for the display of costly yard goods.
The pattern, which reverses to a paisley stripe, is available in place mats, napkins, runners and tablecloths, as well as yard goods. Coordinated bedding includes shams, duvets and pillowcases.
We're talking here of bolts of bright red yard goods, yards of silk tulle, and gold braid enough to decorate a circus wagon.
Patterns range from provincial prints to tropical florals, and are available in yard goods, as well as tablecloths with either a cut or serged edge.
Innovative blinds, shutters and shades provide another sheer alternative in an increasingly wide selection of fabrics and colors -- often with coordinating draperies or yard goods. At Hunter Douglas, the leading manufacturer of custom coverings in North America, business is growing 15 percent to 20 percent per year, said Marvin Hopkins, president and chief executive officer of the company, adding, "Consumers see them as an investment in home furnishings and keep them for five years."
Inc., which made apparel on its tufting machines in New York for 36 years, switched over to home furnishings last year and is supplying yard goods to half a dozen bedspread manufacturers.