yard bird

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Synonyms for yard bird

a military recruit who is assigned menial tasks


a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison

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The Yard Bird came with the stunning white BBQ sauce, which I will admit I have been intrigued by since watching the Nashville episode of Netflix' comedy, Master of None, so I requested a pot too.
1982 Old Country, trained by Luca Cumani and ridden by Pat Eddery, is too good for Yard Bird and Geoff Baxter in the Listed mile-and-a-half race at Epsom.
I'd set 28 points of sight adjustment on my rifle, stand with my heels on line to the little armor plated yard bird, blow some air out of my lungs, center his steel feathered bull in the front aperture and pprrreeessss the trigger.
Yard Bird profited from the third-last fall of leader Bob Ar Aghaidh when landing the
Caption: Above: YARD BIRDS Comanche on the left, finds a temporary home on some of Rivergate's extensive hardstand space.
Back in the old days, Grandma would toss a few handfuls of scratch grains and some kitchen scraps to the yard birds each day.
The irresistible menu offers standards like killer short-rib sliders $5; a cheeseburger $9; a bucket of yard birds $11 (fried chicken with a maple sausage biscuit and sweet potato salad and hot sauce); and hand-cut Kennebeck fries $3.50.
The yard birds know it is quitting time when the church bells over on Fullerton Avenue begin to chime.
I use it for tough old yard birds (chickens) and pea and bean soups.
A guy named Ben Pritchett sells "Yard Birds" - yard art made from bicycle parts - next to a tiny music wholesale outlet whose owners decided to try their hand at retail for the first time last month and sold more than $500 worth of CDs in a few hours.