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Synonyms for yap

Synonyms for yap

to utter a shrill, short cry

a shrill, short cry

Synonyms for yap

informal terms for the mouth

bark in a high-pitched tone


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These startling announcements filled the blacks with a combination of terror and rage; but, seeing no foe in evidence they were enabled to permit their rage to get the better of their terror, and so the leaders, pushed on by those behind them, ran rapidly around the hut in the direction of the yapping of the mangy cur.
How long afterward he did not know, he was awakened by the yapping bark of a young coyote.
Silence reigned, and his voice was heard, like the yapping of a dog, calling Monsieur Luigi da Porta and Mademoiselle Ginevra di Piombo.
A mangy little Jackal, who had been yapping hungrily on a low bluff, cocked up his ears and tail, and scuttered across the shallows to join the Adjutant.
"Yes, that's what every yapping cur is, when you hold a stick up at him," said the farrier.