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Synonyms for yap

Synonyms for yap

to utter a shrill, short cry

a shrill, short cry

Synonyms for yap

informal terms for the mouth

bark in a high-pitched tone


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Apps built with YAPPER come with standard features such as real-time news and multimedia content support, support for major foreign languages, mobile optimization, and customizable options that include the app icon, splash image, font, background, and navigation bar.
She explained: "She was always a little yapper and hyper with bundles of energy.
Steve DeOssie never intended to go from a long snapper to a strong yapper, but he delivers just as well as a football analyst on television and radio.
Delphine has fleas because of that Pan-Asian yapper.
There was the shrill little yapper of the stoop next to the nursery, chronic spoiler of sunsets, who bantered with yappers farther afield.
Burton's fellow yapper McIntosh placed a welcome mat for moneybags outside the door to his subcommittee, turning it into Motel Mclntosh.
Yapper (Your App Maker) includes features such as geo-tagging that would be very expensive for newspapers to develop on their own, says SachManya CEO Chintu Parikh, who worked on the launch of Yahoo Mobile in the U.
Springer, the obnoxious talk-show yapper whose nationally syndicated program features a brawling procession of skinheads, strippers and teen-aged moms with tattoos who have children with tattoos, has officially filed papers to run for the Senate from Ohio.