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Synonyms for yap

Synonyms for yap

to utter a shrill, short cry

a shrill, short cry

Synonyms for yap

informal terms for the mouth

bark in a high-pitched tone


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These penalties are obsolete and insignificant given the high level of income earned by Public Communications Entities," Yap said.
Zika outbreak on Yap Island, Federated States of Micronesia.
They found that Yap was over-expressed in both mouse models and human samples of PDAC, and they discovered that the KRAS mutation found in most pancreatic cancer activates Yap.
This year's competition crowned Meghan Lindsay, a lyric soprano who moved from university not into a YAP, but directly into work with small professional companies and Baroque opera (especially with Toronto's Opera Atelier).
Back in 2007, Yap wanted to try something different that might open the door to a new age of electronics.
Noting that his wife, the younger sister of President Benigno Aquino, has been creating a gap between him and his son Bimby, Yap told Manila Bulletin, "Now, my son is angry at me.
Bowles, who shot just 17 points in Game 4, finished with 28 and 18 rebounds last night as he and Yap were the only ones in twin digits for the Llamados, whose hard-nosed defensive effort all night held the Texters to their lowest output in seven seasons.
Yap produced a voicemail transcription application for smartphones, but discontinued the service on Oct.
Phelps, Paul Gerrard, Dorian Chan Brian Yip, Mr Sammy Yap, Mr Wing Yip, Henry Yap John Collins, Brian Yip Mark Gough, Mr Wing Yip Mel Hancock, Sarah Poole, Ryan Philips, Henry Yap
BNI will use the proceeds to disburse more loans, Yap added.
Yoplait Dairy Crest is focusing on its Yap brand's suitability for a teenager's health needs in a new TV campaign set to hit the small screen on 5 March.
If people have heard of Yap, it's generally because Yap still uses stone money -- large, round pieces of limestone with holes in the middle.
39, who graduated from the Police Academy three weeks ago, and Abe Yap, 37, a nine-year veteran of the force, who was training Wade, police said.
Like the theoretical islands used by economists to illustrate the essential characteristics of an economy, the stones of Yap may help us see better what makes money, money.