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a sharply directional antenna


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Yagi blames Prime Minister Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle' for failing General Edward Braddock in his spectacular defeat at the Battle of Monongahela [1755].
Antop has completely redesigned the traditional Yagi "fishbone-style" unsightly outdoor antenna with a digital option that is discreet yet powerful enough to provide multiple TVs within a home with free Over-The-Air local broadcast signals.
Most notable was deployment of a large Yagi antenna from NORsat-2 that will provide first-of-its-kind VHF Data Exchange (VDE) from space.
Nasdaq: PCTI), a leader in Performance Critical TELecom solutions, has launched a new MIMO Yagi antenna supporting licensed Upper 700 MHz A Block spectrum, the company said.
The Yagi and Ude theory gives us the possibility to design the structure and number of antenna components (directors).
Silikon yagi fakik veya pseudofakik olgularda skleral yolla cikarilabilirken, afak veya kataraktli olgularda, katarakt cerrahisi ile kombine edilerek transpupiller yolla aktif veya pasif aspirasyonla da cikarilabilir.
The Yagi antenna can be used for transmitting or receiving radio signals.
For comparing the performance of the traditional Yagi-Uda and the proposed bidirectional antenna, we build an optimum Yagi-Uda antenna with four directors and a bidirectional Yagi antenna with eight directors.
3) Antenas de Prueba (Tischler, 2003), Para las pruebas del dispositivo se utilizaron tres tipos de antenas lineales: Dipolo de media onda, dipolo vertical y una antena yagi de cinco directores.
Typhoon Yagi weakened to a tropical storm over the Pacific near Japan early Thursday morning, but the weather agency continues to warn of heavy rain in eastern parts of the country.
To do this, the group teamed up with Akemi and Takao Yagi at TSRI, who are leading experts in complex I research.
A frequency and pattern reconfigurable Yagi antenna consisting of a PIN diode at the arms of the driver element with three switchable frequencies at 1.
Bitkisel yaglardan arasis yagi, zeytin yagi, hint yagi, susam yagi, pamuk yagi, badem yagi, soya yagi, fistik yagi, aksam cuha cicegi yagi, boragge yagi sayilabilir.
Kansai Electric President Makoto Yagi told a press conference at its head office in the city of Osaka, "We will consider the necessity of a rate hike, when to do so and how much, by examining the prospects of the resumption of our reactors, our efforts to improve business efficiency and the balance of payments.
Asahi Nichi Ju, the Head Priest of Nichiren Temple, Archbishop Kisyo Yagi, Head Priest of the Zojoji Temple and Rev.