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the vertical axis in a plane coordinate system

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The MT100 opposed spindle machine has a built-in Y-axis for greater precision on complex parts, the company says.
In next steps, inner and outer distances were measured in the Y-axis and X-axis for both thin-walled components.
At the target position (TP) Z1, Y-axis motor turned on while reached TP-Y2.
An educational way to accomplish the alternative procedure is to begin with a plot of the parent function on the x- and y-axes, with the original x- axis values at the bottom of the chart and the original y-axis values at the left side of the chart.
The mean distance from the ASTS to the Y-axis (mean ASTS-x measurement) was statistically larger on the right side versus the left side, and there was no significant difference between genders.
For the chart in Figure 1, the title and series colors were customized, and the format of the y-axis was set to #, ##0, (the comma at the end divides by 1,000) on the Number tab of the Format Axis dialog box.
The Y-Axis enables turning, drilling and milling off center on the new Nakamura AS-200 multitasking center.
X-axis travel is 23.6 inches (600 mm), Y-Axis travel is 15.7 inches (400 mm) and Z-Axis travel is 13.8 inches (350 mm).
of Israel, is utilized as the actuator to drive the v-axis and y-axis platform.
The NTY3250 has three high-rigidity turrets, each with a Y-axis of 4.4 inches, the longest Y-axis in its class, according to the company, which says, "The NTY3-250 dramatically outperforms two-turret multitasking machines and can eliminate downtime due to tool changeovers with its 72-tool capacity.
The 40-549 is a 5-A matrix available in a variety of 32 and 64 crosspoint configurations with Y-axis sizes of x4 and x8.
The new machines are capable of stable and powerful machining even at a workpiece height of 5,000 mm, using an optional vertical stroke saddle (Y-axis).