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Synonyms for woodcut

a print made from a woodcut

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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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Along with Xylograph, she provided him with two finalists in the 2001 Pepsi Cola Marathon, which had to be rerun.
This is the nineteenth part of the thirteenth volume of the great series describing the Oriental manuscripts and xylographs kept in German libraries.
And yet, even in the "golden age" of Tibetan xylograph printing during the eighteenth century, Ye shes rgyal mtshan produced a handwritten manuscript of his editions of these works.
The 'Jang or Li thang Bka' 'gyur is considered to be the earliest xylograph print in Tibet.
The commentary's earliest xylograph from blocks that were carved in 1449 and housed in Dga' ldan monastery(81) has the identical reading of this passage, as have the other received xylographs of the same.
These fairly colorless and rather sober tides stem from both a "short-page" xylograph in eight plus sixty-five folios in five lines per folio (pp.
Sexy Delight, Xamax Xylograph and Kegans Flyer headed the betting market in a contest the trio had dominated from the first round.
Xamax Xylograph, rated a 1-2 chance with the `magic sign' for the marathon, is available at a generous 4-5 with Chandler, while Corelish Cruiser, 5-2 favourite with Chandlers for the first of the televised races, must be backed with Ladbrokes at the 4-1 on offer.
She bounced back from that when posting by far the fastest time in the semis on Tuesday, a night when the stamina of Kegans Flyer seemed to be found wanting by Xamax Xylograph in the other semi.
Sexy Delight should be just too good for Xamax Xylograph in heat two at 9.
Without the clash connections of the greyhounds such as Kegans Flyer, Sexy Delight and Xamax Xylograph might have been tempted by the Jacket's pounds 7,500 winner's prize.
08pm where the strength of marathon star Xamax Xylograph can prove just too much for local front-runner Break On Thru, while other fancies on the card are Rhincrew Boris, The Bolt, Mrs Moockum and, over 380m, the well-drawn and in-form Jo Annes Touch.
The Regency and TV Trophy heroine came from the Smooth Rumble-Blonde Returns litter that included Ballmac Rumbles, Lenson Cody and Xamax Xylograph, whose combined efforts yielded 43 wins.
The plunge on Xamax Xylograph, available at a massive 2-1 off-course before she won a TV Trophy heat at 4-9 at Wimbledon in September, warrants a mention.
But it is hard to see too much downside when it comes to siding with Xamax Xylograph against Sexy Delight at the general -0.