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the woody part of plants: the supporting and water-conducting tissue, consisting primarily of tracheids and vessels

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Xylem said the addition to its infrastructure portfolio increases its ability to help customers manage their wastewater network and storm water systems, areas of growing concern.
Marco Ferretti, Xylem MENA's operations director said: "We hear from customers in commercial buildings and residential settings every day who are seeking to enhance the efficiency of their pumping systems.
com and Alex Evaristo, Commercial General Manager, Xylem Philippines, +63 4 9543 4321; email: alex.
And rather than the tree laying down a growth ring under its bark each year, each xylem strand generated its own growth ring.
At Xylem, our sustainability strategy is tied directly to our business strategy, enabling sustainability to be effectively and seamlessly integrated into all we do," said Patrick Decker, president and CEO of Xylem.
The 19,000 square metre facility will be used to produce the company's pump brands and provide services to customers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Xylem said in a statement.
The Xylem employee volunteers were joined by a North Lake Service Learning student in giving 107 total hours of service and collecting 329.
One of the chapters does not concern xylem at all; rather, it concerns bamboos, which have no secondary growth.
Xylem is expanding its dewatering pump rental and service capabilities across Latin America, launching three new hubs in the region during 2016.
and the pump experts at Xylem, were brought in to assess the project, design a robust bypass plan and implement the bypass while the station was being rebuilt.
Several studies have observed peaks in the concentration of free amino acids in xylem sap prior to sprouting, and these findings have been attributed to intense remobilization of N reserves, which serves to sustain the initial growth of sprouts and inflorescences (GLAVAC & JOCHHEIM, 1993; DONG et al.
Water technology company Xylem has won an $8-million contract to develop and supply customised technologies to a wastewater treatment and reclamation plant in Sulaibiya, Kuwait.
The plant vascular system consists of xylem and phloem, which function in long-distance transport of water and nutrients, as well as signaling molecules, through the plant body.
Xylem recently introduced an online destination for mining professionals, showcasing the company's range of system solutions and application expertise to solve the most challenging water issues in the mining industry.