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being four more than thirty

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Ohio Chapter recently captured top honors in the NFL Alumni's Super Bowl of Golf Tournament XXXIV held at the Bali Hai Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV.
Superbowl XXXIV attracted more viewers than its predecessor did a year earlier -- and achieved this in a year when neither team was from one of the nation's largest cities.
7 million viewers, making it the second most watched program of the year, behind only the Super Bowl XXXIV.
Peretz indicates there will be a follow-up book, so you gotta believe Tiger Woods' finish at Pebble Beach and Super Bowl XXXIV will be given strong consideration for Year 2000 events and beyond.
She performed the National Anthem at SuperBowl XXXIV and has performed at almost every major award show.
By the slaughterhouse standards of most NFL championship games, Super Bowl XXXIV was a great one.
THE Tennessee Titans and St Louis Rams will contest next Sunday's Super Bowl XXXIV.
Miami Dolphins maintained their momentum with a last-gasp victory over New England and are the new second favour-ites for Super Bowl XXXIV.
ETV has produced two-screen interactive applications for the 1999 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, 2000 FedEx Orange Bowl, 2001 Super Bowl XXXIV, Monday Night Football, ESPN's Sunday Night Football & Sunday Night Baseball, Lincoln Financial Group Battle @ Bighorn, Academy Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, American Music Awards, Alias, and SOAPnet.
Louis Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV, favorite son and former Philadelphia Eagles coach Dick Vermeil will address a private gathering of 300 of the region's top real estate executives on taking leadership in the Digital Economy this evening.
Given how slowly the Internet operates on some computers and how frequently America Online arbitrarily logs you off, you might not finish visiting all the Web sites advertised on Sunday's Super Bowl XXXIV until Super Bowl XXXV.
DALLAS have been cut to as low as 10-1 fifth favourites for Super Bowl XXXIV following their 24-7 win over Atlanta on Monday night, writes Paul Kealy.
Blue chip companies like Verizon and Volkswagen regained their ground this year, replacing the floundering dot-coms of Super Bowl XXXIV," reflects Sandra Murray, president of Response.
com, an Austin, Texas based Internet market research company, announced the results today of its study of Super Bowl XXXIV television commercials.
Ventura resident Artie Bauman was one of scores of ``stitchers'' who turned up Sunday for a special Super Bowl XXXIV sale that has been a tradition for about a decade at Weaver's Needle 'N Frame store, run by the Mulligan family.