xiphoid process

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smallest of the three parts of the breastbone

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The hand strike technique for longer distances was with the palm of the hand targeting the nose, the xiphoid process and the groin.
Sixty minutes after administration of the drugs/vehicle, the animals were anaesthetized using anaesthetic ether and a midline incision was made just below the xiphoid process.
Omphalocele was 5x5 cm, sternum was 3cm, xiphoid process was not present and both lungs were hypoplastic (2 lobes on the right, 3 lobes on the left with primitive upper lobe).
The negative lead of the transmitter was sutured to the upper right pectoris muscle near the shoulder, and the positive lead was sutured to the left lateral side of the xiphoid process.
In all cases, these poems work almost like metaphorical definitions of these strange anatomical features, such as "The Xiphoid Process," which you transform from a part of the sternum to "a single stalactite drip[ping] / onto the head of a blind fish / that shudders like a weak fish," or the Perineum, which, well, I'll just quote you, is "the area in front of the anus / extending to the genitals" and which becomes, in your most deft imagination, "the necessary expanse / between desire and duty
CV 14 Found on the ventral midline, at the level of the xiphoid process.
Intravenous access was made via the left median cubital vein with the administration of 75 mL of Omnipaque 350 (Amersham Health) at a rate of 4 mL per second, from 20 mm inferior to the xiphoid process to 30 mm superior to the jugular notch.
Reference electrodes are placed below the xiphoid process and in the shoulder and taped into position.
The Dbaly retractors can be introduced through a 5-mm hole, left of the xiphoid process, and placed at the visceral area of the liver.
A large abdominal mass, extending from the xiphoid process to the pubis, was palpable.
40 S&W hollowpoint strikes Kyle Dubois just to the side of the xiphoid process, the bottom tip of the sternum.
The second approach is a laparotomy in which an incision is made from below the xiphoid process to the level of the umbilicus.