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abnormal dryness of the mouth resulting from decreased secretion of saliva

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Caffeine is well recognized as a cause of xerostomia.
There have been a number of small studies examining the benefits of acupuncture after xerostomia develops, but no one previously examined if it could prevent xerostomia," reports Cohen, the study's principal investigator.
Patients completed the Xerostomia Questionnaire (XQ), an eight-item survey which assessed symptoms consistent with the condition.
Acute complications include oropharyngeal mucositis, sialadenitis and xerostomia, infections (primarily candidiasis), and taste dysfunction; occasionally tissue necrosis can be seen late during therapy, but this is relatively rare.
The current treatment options for xerostomia include salivary substitutes, artificial saliva, and saliva stimulating medications.
Acupuncture at a point commonly used to treat xerostomia is associated with activation of the insula and adjacent opercula.
Schiodt M (5) menciona que la hipofuncion de las glandulas salivales se define con la presencia de xerostomia y/o inflamacion de las glandulas salivales mayores, al respecto menciona que esta alteracion esta asociada a cuentas de T4 bajas y al desarrollo del estadio SIDA; (4) estableciendose, como lo menciona Navazesh y col.
OTCBB:ARGA), Los Angeles, a specialty pharmaceutical company with products for the treatment of Xerostomia, dermatological conditions, and acute respiratory diseases, has reported its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2007.
Xerostomia, often cited as a cause of glossodynia, involves increased friction, but the pain of xerostomia usually derives from secondary candidiasis.
Other considerations are the patient's history of preventive care, if they are currently in the process of orthodontia, and medical issues such as xerostomia.
Si toma usted medicamentos con regularidad, tenga cuidado con el efecto secundario llamado xerostomia, mejor conocido como resequedad bucal, va que puede tener serios efectos sobre la dentadura.
The hallmark of Sjogren's syndrome is the sicca complex of xerostomia and keratoconjunctivitis.
The terminated licence related to a xerostomia (dry mouth) project.