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radiography using X-rays and xerographic (rather than roentgenographic) techniques

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History and recent developments in xeroradiography of the breast.
Xeroradiophotography mechanism is similar to Xeroradiography, but in this system for the patient\'s dose reduction, a photo-intensifier screen is used.
67] Because conventional mammographic views also are inadequate at imaging the posterior aspect of the implant, CT, MRI, supplemental mammographic views or xeroradiography may be required.
Diehl R, Gratt BM, Gould RG: Radiographic quality control measurements comparing D-speed film, E-speed film, and xeroradiography.
Soft tissue radiography of neck and xeroradiography are not useful predictors of the histology of thyroid nodule, as neither of these investigations are sufficiently sensitive or specific to predict the histologic feature of the nodules.