xerophytic plant

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plant adapted for life with a limited supply of water

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In summer months, leaves of blackbrush and many chaparral plants are semi-evergreen, which also occurs in some xerophytic plants in order to conserve water.
Conversely, Mauseth (1988) states that in typical xerophytic plants, the spongy mesophyll may be lost altogether with only palisade parenchyma remaining, or there may be no intercellular spaces at all (Mauseth 1988).
The sclerophyllous leaf design reveals an affinity of some southern Nevada plant species' morphology and anatomy with semi-arid coastal chaparral species as opposed to typical arid inland xerophytic plants, although sclerophyllous and xerophytic leaves share a number of common characteristics.
In conclusion, we have documented promising larvicidal potential of xerophytic plants, which could be considered as a potentially alternative source for developing novel larvicides to be used in controlling vectors of mosquito-borne diseases.
The present study attempted to investigate the larvicidal efficacy of xerophytic plants against two medically important mosquito species mosquito Ae.
According to Moore, the 2009 team also visited the Doyle Conservation Center in Leominster, which uses geothermal heating and cooling technology, photovoltaic (solar) panels and landscaping that uses native and xerophytic plants, which requires little water to survive.
Conversely, the more xerophytic the vegetation, the greater the potential evaporation, with evapotranspiration reduced to the actual evapotranspiration of the xerophytic plants.
Some of these xerophytic plants are able to survive drought conditions by accumulating reserves within their organisms, others by consuming relatively small amounts of water, and yet others by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere at night.
Not all xerophytic plants functioned equally as hosts for multiple species of Cuscuta in this study.