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plant adapted for life with a limited supply of water

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No consensus from currently literature has been reached to determine whether blackbrush is a xerophytes or a sclerophyll since blackbrush leaves possess a number of morphological and anatomical traits that are common in both woody xerophytes and sclerophylls.
All modern species of Malesherbiaceae are xerophytes, so it is reasonable to assume that the common ancestor was also a xerophyte.
The high variability of these environmental factors was a key element to the adaptation of the typical vegetation of this region--the Caatinga--, composed mostly of deciduous xerophytes, which are related to the rainfall distribution and soil conditions.
Le bilan hydrique climatique pour la saison d'ete (precipitations moins evapotranspiration potentielle) des pentes topographiques favorisees par les herbages boreaux xerophytes actuels (aspects SSO avec pentes de 61 % a 65 %) dans le sud-ouest du Yukon a ete compare a celui de leurs homologues beringiens denues de glace du Wisconsinien tardif (de 14000 a 12000 annees cal.
The vegetation of this desert consists of xerophytes, adjusted to low moisture, extremely hot temperature, and more salinity with wide variation of edaphic factors.
and other xerophytes species (Veronica spicata L., Sedum acre L., Antennaria dioica L., Calamagrostis epigeios (L.) Roth., and Centaurea marschalliana Spreng).
Regarding habitat use, Govetto (1999) found a high density of wild boar signs in Yatay palm forest during the masting period (February and March), and also Ballari (2013) found that wild boar prefers habitats with a dominant tree canopy, e.g., Yatay palm forest and forest of exotic xerophytes (white cedar Melia azedarach, Gigg's firethorn Pyracantha atalantoides, honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos, broad-leaf privet Ligustrum lucidum, Chinese privet Ligustrum sinense).
Xerophytes plant species have mechanisms to overcome drought stress and these mechanism could be considered the endophytic association and interaction between plant and rhizobacteria able to improve the plant growth under abiotic stress conditions (2).
The dominant vegetation of the study area is Zizyphus species, Acacia species, and other xerophytes plants.
Khan, "The occurrence of mycorrhizas in halophytes, hydrophytes and xerophytes, and of endogone spores in adjacent soils," Journal of General Microbiology, vol.