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plant adapted for life with a limited supply of water

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Rivers and smaller reservoirs dried up, cattle perished and even xerophilous crops diminished.
As they live in the soil under shrubs, under the bark of trees or shrubs, or in rodent burrows, many of these animals are not strictly xerophilous.
DIAGNOSIS: Xerophilous rocky grasslands on calcareous substrates of the northern fringes of the Pannonian Basin (Southern Moravia, Southern Slovakia, Eastern Austria, Northern Hungary) and the Ukrainian Podolya (Eastern ukraine).
Although it is likely that in this region xerophytic plants existed, to be best of our knowledge there are no fossil records older than 10,000 years for the most xerophilous species, such as Larrea, Fouquieria, and Hechtia (Wells, 1977; Schultheis & Baldwin, 1999).
Vegetation was a mixture of xerophilous plants: chaparral, palms (Brahea dulcis, B.
Restingas are Quaternary habitats characterized by sandy soils with high salt concentration and covered by predominantly herbaceous and shrubby xerophilous vegetation (Franco et al.
The first vegetation type is characterized by stripped communities here ascribed to the alliance Festucion burnatii, representing xerophilous mountain communities subjected to cryoturbation processes previously described in the highest altitudinal belt of the Picos de Europa (RIVAS-MARTINEZ & al.
Floristics and plant physionomy of four habitats were studied in the Papas de Arriba ranch, Ojuelos de Jalisco, Jalisco: xerophilous scrub, natural grassland, an established orchard of prickly pear (Opuntia spp.
Thus, the home range size and distance traveled by the Texan white-tailed deer in xerophilous shrubs of northeastern Mexico is analyzed in relation to the amount and distribution of rainfall, environmental temperature and other factors such as sex, physiological stage, and year.
1983--Opyt klassifikatsii kserofilnoi polukustarnichkovoi i travyanistoi rastitel'nosti Gornogo Kryma (An attempt of classification of xerophilous semi-scrub and grassland vegetation of the Gorny Krym) --Bot.
serpentina in this community also denotes a similarity with the most xerophilous grasslands of the Deschampsion mediae alliance (Plantagini serpentinae-Jasonietum tuberosae O.