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a fear of foreigners or strangers

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While this paper is based on a limited amount of fieldwork conducted between June and August 2007, it offers some first steps toward developing an analysis of xenophobia beginning from everyday practice and points to potential areas for future research.
Recognition of this truth is the antidote to racism, xenophobia and related intolerance.
The conversation was structured around the claim that xenophobia is a "secondary symptom" not the "underlying cause" (Hassim et al, 2009:6).
for rape, genocide, xenophobia and racial purification.
The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) fears the Council is turning the Framework Decision on racism and xenophobia into a minimum standard for inaction rather than action.
Sanctions, he contends, only further impoverish an already poor country, and play into Burmese xenophobia.
La Escuelita celebrates its first decade in this context of increased violence and xenophobia.
It's beginning to metastasize into a virulent form of xenophobia, an eruption of the atavistic human tendency to pick sides and then if necessary fight to the death for the side one chooses, and to not reason why.
The chairman of a pressure group fighting plans to turn Glamorgan's Sophia Gardens cricket ground into a Test venue has been accused of xenophobia.
David's program at Witte de With was greeted with a mixture of disinterest and hostility bordering on xenophobia (yikes, a Frenchwoman who uses difficult words
The Conservative leader's remarks came as he was accused of pandering to xenophobia by audience members at aTV show.
In response, the Protestant leaders called for a European-wide struggle against all forms of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia.
So now he has founded a party of his own with a dangerous brew of xenophobia mixed with a hint of racism.
XENOPHOBIA is the word David Taylor is said to have used to describe some members of the anti-Vogts brigade.