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a fear of foreigners or strangers

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Geoffrey Onyeama, que ce que les gens appellent des attaques xenophobes sont des "actes de violence sporadiques".
Elle a presente un bilan montrant que les signataires du texte [beaucoup moins que]reagissent avec celerite lorsque des discours haineux a caractere raciste et xenophobe leur sont signales[beaucoup plus grand que].
It's critical to distinguish between a nationalist xenophobe and a reasonable voter who has made the plausible choice that Trump was a better option than other candidates, or that backing the anti-establishment Five Star movement in Italy represented a better way to register protest than supporting any of the parties.
May failed to cut immigration as Home Secretary and this is just a cynical attempt to fool the xenophobes.
I am tired of diversity utopians smearing Leave voters as slavering xenophobes by association.
Xenophobes tend to be less intelligent and well-educated than their opponents.
Do we blame the Republican party for abandoning more or less every single conceivable conservative value in a naked push for power, and transforming itself into the haven of anti-Semites, xenophobes, conspiracy theorists, authoritarians, and other vile bodies?
Le premier, vendredi soir, a pris la forme d'un discours d'Hillary Clinton dans lequel elle a qualifie la moitie des electeurs de Donald Trump de [beaucoup moins que] pitoyables, [beaucoup moins que] racistes, sexistes, homophobes, xenophobes, islamophobes [beaucoup plus grand que].
But the rhetoric of the official Leave campaign (which emphasised immigration from Europe was a problem), the sense of legitimacy xenophobes and racists think they now have, and the lack of assurances European migrants have: Well, how would you feel?
Is it any wonder when xenophobes like Nigel Farage and the right-wing media whipped them up into a state of hysteria?
I expected the usual 'xenophobes, Europhobes, isolationists, clowns and little Englanders', but I didn't foresee PM Cameron's latest outburst accusing Brexiteers of being "quitters" and people who "don't love their country".
Recent terrorist attacks, which sent a shockwave through Europe, have combined with ongoing economic uncertainty to create afertile ground for nationalists and xenophobes who seek to exploit public anxiety,a Jagland noted.
Calling conservative Catholics who oppose illegal immigration "racists and xenophobes" is a pretty good way to empty out those pews on Sunday.
Some well established and some new, they present theoretical, methodological, and empirical studies on such aspects as the concept and study of political inequality, overcoming the challenges of cross-national research on the representation of women from marginalized groups, whether imported survey questions under-measure political and gender participation in the global south and global north, elite perception of inequality as a threat to democracy in six Latin American countries, and democratic engagement of xenophobes and the ethno-discrimination in Europe.