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a skin problem marked by the development (on the eyelids and neck and back) of irregular yellow nodules

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The phagocytosis of oxLDL particles by macrophages gives rise to xanthomatous cells, the base of the formation of atheroma [18].
(c) Hematoxylin and eosin stained section demonstrating clusters of xanthomatous cells (600 x).
Three histopathological types of KD have been reported: proliferative, necrotizing, and xanthomatous. In a study, done at Israel the most common histological type was necrotizing type 63%, followed by xanthamous and proliferative type 21% and 16% respectively.7 The proliferative phenotype is composed of various histiocytes, plasmacytoid monocytes, and lymphoid cells with kariorrhectic nuclear fragments and eosinophilic apoptotic debris in the absence of neutrophils.
(15) The histological change in KFD has been classified into three stages: an early proliferative stage, an intermediate phagocytic stage, and a full-blown post necrotic or xanthomatous stage.
(15) T1W and T2W MRI shows tendon enlargement with heterogeneous signal intensity and a focus of increased signal intensity within the tendon corresponding to the xanthomatous deposit with suppression of the signal on fat-saturated MRI (Figure 7).
Clinical findings include peripheral and palmar xanthomata, and possibly xanthomatous peripheral neuropathy.
It is characterized by papular and papulonodular xanthomatous lesions without systemic involvement.
(1) Originally described as inflammatory pseudotumor in the lung, it has been referred to with several other names, including plasma cell granuloma, xanthomatous pseudotumor, and pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferation, and has been reported in many extrapulmonary sites in the body, including mesentery, omentum, retroperitoneum, head/ neck, pelvic cavity, urogenital tract, and extremities.
Primary form is typically autoimmune, granulomatous, necrotizing or xanthomatous in nature(18).
Tumors of the eyelids can be classified based on origin such as tumors of the epidermis/dermis, tumors of melanocytic origin, and those of glandular, neural, vascular, metastatic, xanthomatous, histocytic, and inflammatory origin.
IMT is a rare spindle tumour which mimics malignant lesions.[sup.4] Because of its histological heterogeneity, it has received many names over the past years, including plasma cell pseudotumor, inflammatory pseudotumor, xanthomatous pseudotumor, pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferation, inflammatory myofibrohistiocytic proliferation, atypical fibromyxoid tumor and atypical myofibroblastic tumour.[sup.3]-[sup.5] It is not clear whether IMT is benign, malignant or part of a spectrum of benign to malignant spindled soft tissue tumours.
These lesions have regular pattern and the overlying skin is shiny and stretched.4 However, in some cases histoid leprosy presents as xanthomatous eruption,5 lesions similar to molluscum contagiosum,6 umbilicated lesions,7 tuberous xanthomatous dermal manifestations,8 and gigantic dermal lesions.9 Men are more commonly involved.