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Problems regarding the thickness of the bar, the serif and the x-height demand for different solutions because of the overlapping possibilities in smaller sizes.
Arial has higher x-height than Times New Roman and because of that needs greater leading.
Eric De Berranger retained the stressed character strokes, relatively large x-height and open counters of his original design.
The sleek and modern Stak(TM) family features an unorthodox x-height that is equal in size to the typeface's cap height.
Integrity's condensed letterforms, high x-height and varying stroke thickness provide an unconventional, yet highly readable appearance.
Although more conservative than many designs from The Chank Company, Nicotine features a high x-height that gives a surprising twist to many of the lowercase letterforms.
Much of Scene's legibility lies in its x-height that sits between that of Helvetica(R) and Verdana(R).
Classified as a Venetian old style, Iowan Old Style is modeled after earlier, 20th century American revivals of Italian Renaissance types cut by Nicolas Jenson and Francesco Griffo, but features a larger x-height, tighter letterfit and reproportioned capitals.