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a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

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Over the course of social media's evolution, the members of Generation Wuss have fought to show Generation Xersour most ardent criticsthat it is worth their precious time.
"Nowadays, if you don't drink, it is like you are a wuss" - Rock star Phil Collins, who says his alcoholism nearly killed him but who now is teetotal.
"At the time I thought I was being a wuss. I was taking 12 strong painkillers a day and going, 'Why do I still have a headache?'" Daniel also suffers a mild form of dyspraxia, a common neurological problem affecting co-ordination.
From descriptions, he is what people these days call a combative midfielder, though I suspect that he would be regarded as a bit of a wuss compared to the likes of Graeme Souness or Billy Bremner, who played the sport when it was a game for proper men rather than part-time fashion models.
Now, as a self-professed wuss, I expected to be running scared the moment one of the tattooed, "red men" came within five minutes' distance.
The website also wrote what was so bad about being a wuss anyway.
4 Ethical chef Deri Reed shares recipes that will have you feeling virtuous 5 Emma Jenkins recalls her most memorable New Year celebrations - in the Atlas Mountains 6 Cardiff's India Spice restaurant is put to the test and Vishal Gaikwad has a recipe for an usual curry - made with pasta 7 Terry Walton looks forward to better days on the allotment and there is advice on what to do with your shedding Christmas tree 8&9 Are you a wuss on the water?
She was born in Millbury, and is predeceased by her parents William and Jessie (Coats) Taylor, a sister, Cynthia Wuss and a brother, William Taylor.
I felt like a wuss and the staff thought it was hysterical!
I said I didn't like them and he called me a 'wuss' and said he would not pick me up again unless I showed him a picture of me on a ride."
And Eisner kind of called Iger a wuss: "It must have been a "nightmare ...
This provocative SF take on the excesses of our consumer society has echoes of A Clockwork Orange, as Anderson (author of the YA novels Thirsty and Burger Wuss) creates his own vocabulary ("It was brag," for example, meaning "great"; there are some old-fashioned expletives here as well).
Peter, the jejune and sensitive wuss of an introspective painter.
I consider myself more of a wuss and a charlatan than a poser.
Alice, who has had collagen lip implants and held the hand of her friend while she had corrective laser eye surgery - and yes she could smell scorched cornea - considers me a wuss for my ``I'll try anything so long as it feels nice'' policy.