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Synonyms for wrongness

inappropriate conduct

contrary to conscience or morality

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the quality of not conforming to fact or truth

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In this paper, I propose an amendment to classical utilitarian theory, that permits evaluation of varying degrees of wrongness.
Not just the wrongness of that war, but the destruction of the Union between England and Scotland, the vandalism of the House of Lords, the hundreds of hours wasted on the unenforceable fox hunting ban, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the overarching failure to use his massive Parliamentary majority to do anything much for the mugs who kept voting him in.
When people have lived hate, experienced it first hand, as oppressor or oppressed (or both), sometimes they may come to a rational realisation on its wrongness and how it can possibly be overcome.
Mahoney "gets it": He understands the wrongness of his action now.
For strength unalloyed by checks and balances - and by a capacity for self-critical reflection about the rightness and wrongness of state action - can be unnerving.
Dr Rowan Williams, claimed the British public is close to slipping towards a new "default" position on the procedure, while many supporters of the original act had taken for granted the "wrongness" of ending the life of an unborn child.
The earth is poisoned by a deep wrongness and the forces of the Nameless One grow ever stronger.
Unlike the generally claustrophobic, dark-hued atmospherics of most Gallic reimaginings of WWI (and unlike the painterly hyperrealism of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's WWI-set "A Very Long Engagement"), Le Bomin and lenser Pierre Cottereau opt for a blue-grey, open-air look, even in the trenches, that implies a bucolic peacefulness just beyond the battlefield, emphasizing the incongruity and wrongness of the ongoing bloody slaughter.
The most convincing explanation for the medical abuses inflicted by the health care system on dying patients is physicians' and others' sense of the "wrongness" of death.
There is no need to elaborate on the wrongness of this product, though I feel duty bound to report that one of the manufacturer's taglines was WILL NOT CONSTIPATE."
The current strategy seems to be trying to widen the circle of wrongness, mostly by harping on John Kerry's 2002 Iraq vote.
The result is one of concern, especially when they attempt to pronounce judgment, without consideration of the rightness or wrongness of the matter, often because if seems convenient to those concerned, or some individual.
Board members agreed to allow the market square to be used, but pointed out that the council "makes no judgement on the rightness or wrongness of fox-hunting".
Some years ago Clarence Walton, former president of Catholic University, suggested the following: "Ethics involves critical analysis of human acts to determine their rightness or wrongness in terms of two major criteria: truth and justice."