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obstinately perverse in judgment or opinion

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And so I have burrowed my way into the terrain noisily, wrongheadedly.
Professor Frank's five-volume biography of Dostoyevsky is not a page too long: not merely because Dostoyevsky was a great writer (there are many great writers about whom one would not wish to read a five-volume biography), but because an understanding of nineteenth-century Russia, with whose problems Dostoyevsky wrestled so perceptively and prophetically, as well as wrongheadedly and idiosyncratically, is so vital to an understanding of the modern world.
Jesus himself is the best interpreter of his own apocalyptic mood, disavowing all subsequent adventisms that would wrongheadedly delight in setting dates for his return.
As a work, its multiple invocations of "glory" notwithstanding, "Floyd Collins" would benefit from a bit of the irony that the British are forever wishing (often wrongheadedly) on their American cousins.
Some years earlier, she had rather sharply attacked me and other white historians (during an American Historical Society panel on "Black Biography") for "wrongheadedly" undertaking biographies of African-Americans.