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But I was wrong-headedly obstinate in insisting that what I wrote should stand just the way I wrote it.
have not just been benighted or wrong-headedly pious: they have betrayed the Gospel they claim to serve.
Modern directors may be tempted - self-consciously and wrong-headedly - to capitalize on the excesses of stereotype and gesture that date such plays, but a full-blown and perfectly straightforward rendering of The Girl of the Golden West, such as I saw in New York a decade ago, presented by the Soho Repertory Theatre and directed by a Briton, Julian Webber, complete with orchestral prelude and opening 'pictures' provided by painted panorama drops, is both seductive and moving.
So Parker and those guys are simply passing on - sometimes a bit wrong-headedly - the fact that these traditional methods are more interesting.
Best's book will provide plenty of fodder for the fire, because he believes that previous studies have ignored, overlooked, misunderstood, and wrong-headedly analyzed the relationship between the business community and the Roosevelt administration.
In other words, absent a properly construed reasonable-cause exception, section 6662(e) will wrong-headedly penalize behavior that cannot be known to be culpable.
Her characterization of Esteban Trueba in The House of the Spirits, far from being an apology for General Pinochet, as some have so wrong-headedly insisted, is rather a reminder that the way to military dictatorships is paved with ordinary-looking people.