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Fagin did not seek to conceal his share in the catastrophe, but lamented with tears in his eyes that the wrong-headed and treacherous behaviour of the young person in question, had rendered it necessary that he should become the victim of certain evidence for the crown: which, if it were not precisely true, was indispensably necessary for the safety of him (Mr.
A fleet of barges were coming lazily on, some sideways, some head first, some stern first; all in a wrong-headed, dogged, obstinate way, bumping up against the larger craft, running under the bows of steamboats, getting into every kind of nook and corner where they had no business, and being crunched on all sides like so many walnut-shells; while each with its pair of long sweeps struggling and splashing in the water looked like some lumbering fish in pain.
Ms Sturgeon said if the Labour leader "is wrong-headed enough to reject an anti-Tory alliance and let David Cameron back into power " a strong block of SNP MPs would work "to protect Scotland from the damage of a Tory government in a way that Labour never has".
For China's attitude to civil society is not only wrong-headed.
SIR - As a Jerseyman visiting friends in Wales, I am horrified to read of your First Minister's wrong-headed attempt at interference in the forthcoming Scottish Referendum.
And it's wrong-headed when we have great, high-paying jobs going unfilled because of the lack of enough skilled workers.
Newcastle city centre, in particular, suffered from a string of wrong-headed decisions by 1960s and 70s planners who tore down chunks of history with almost indecent haste.
As her 35 th birthday looms, Suzanne embarks on a wrong-headed, but very funny, quest--to find Mr.
His claim that most of the deprivation in the area has been caused by "his government" and impoverished by the bedroom tax and cuts to people on benefits would be risible if it were not so completely wrong-headed.
Dr Morgan said communities were being torn apart by wrong-headed attitudes to poverty.
Jens Spahn, health spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union, told Der Spiegel magazine: "Youth protection is also about protecting young people from the consequences of a wrong-headed beauty craze.
EVERY so often - and, it seems, at least once during a Tory-led government - a policy comes along that is so divisive and wrong-headed that it brings people on to the streets.
When the changes come so thick and fast, without time for consultation or even consideration, when the changes are so wrong-headed, so damaging to children's education, then the morale of the profession plummets.
The ruling is wrong-headed and a travesty for parents across Louisiana who want nothing more than for their children to have an equal opportunity at receiving a great education," Jindal said.