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a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way

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They forget that the one thing Gail finds more irresistible than a wrong 'un is a lame duck and their actions will make her more determined to adopt Michael as a pet project.
As you sing, you're rated on pitch and rhythm throughout your performance, and a dynamic crowd even reacts in real time to each note ( hit a wrong 'un and you'll be booed off stage, quite rightly so.
Moin was bowled off the inside of his left thigh by Sachin Tendulkar's wrong 'un as Pakistan, replying to 675 for five declared, closed on 364 for six, needing another 112 runs to avoid being asked to bat again.
Durham's Paul Collingwood lasted just seven minutes at the crease before edging Murali's wrong 'un to Sanath Jayasuriya.
Friend Scott Frankton, who had gone to the toilets at the same time, said a person had approached from behind and told them aggressively: "I don't like you two, you think I'm a wrong 'un.
They tell me, 'Come on, wise up, Pierce is a wrong 'un.
Clearly a wrong 'un, he later also conveniently showed up at Christopher Eccleston's house just seconds after he'd been discovered - SPOILER ALERT#2
After all, disregarding his epic recovery from cancer to dominate the Tour, if he was using illegal stimulants he's a wrong 'un, right?
Shepherd) has long been a wrong 'un but when the twisted teenager is humiliated by mum Gail (Helen Worth), he has his sister's fiance Jason (Ryan Thomas) seriously worried when he confesses he dreams about doing away with her.
Right from the start, he bowled a bit quicker through the air and used his variations, like his wrong 'un, really well,' enthused Ponting.
Yet for all his barrow-boy bluster, Frankie emerged as a charmless wrong 'un.
They can show me as many smiles as they like, I still say I can detect a wrong 'un at 50 paces.
Gary Speed and Craig Bellamy aren't out here because those Ruskies got away with fielding a wrong 'un, a drugs cheat, in the play-off with Wales.
He has a terrific wrong 'un and some of the India top order are not picking it.
NEW The Trials of Jimmy Rose ITV, 9pm Oi oi saveloy, Ray Winstone plays guess what, a cockernee wrong 'un in a drama also starring Amanda Redman as his ball and chain.