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With respect to the tenderer (including the shareholders / representatives of the tenderer), the written document of the contracting authority may not establish the circumstances that caused or may cause the contracting authority to distrust the tenderer.
is a written document, usually drawn up by a solicitor, that sets out what will happen in the future if someone can no longer look after their own affairs.
Meanwhile, only 47 percent have actually talked to someone about their wishes, 42 percent have designated someone to make decisions about their care if they are unable and just 30 percent have a written document detailing their wishes.
Sharing views over Six-Points accord with PTI Nawab Raisani said, my coalition party has signed a six-points accord with PTI in centre and they took guarantee from Prime Minister in written document, "We want to discuss Missing Persons' issue with Prime Minister, we welcome that some missing persons' returned home but those abducting them should be brought to justice."
He said he told them that he had a written document according to which he was bound to pay the money in April, therefore, he did not have money right now.
The first written document that mentions the existence of Roma travellers in Slovakia is a letter from 1322 written by a feudal lord from the Spiscaronskaacute Novaacute Ves region in Eastern Slovakia.
He added that no written document or policy document has been issued on the doctrine.
The lawyer said he filed a written document containing evidence, based on South Korean trade mark laws, showing why the agency's patent application should be rejected.
Ajman Police said that they released the Arabic teenager after his father had signed a written document, ensuring his son would not be involved in such behaviour in the future.
Also under discussion are translation issues related to the written document as the recording of oral narrative.
Brussels and EU member states have been awaiting a formal notice about the end of South Stream, but maintain they have received no written document confirming this.
The leader of the government's negotiating team, Irfan Sadiqui, praised the cease-fire announcement while speaking on Pakistan's Geo Television, saying the government will review any written document from the Taliban about it.
Is there not a written document in place, to aid with the verification and compliance process, that can easily be read and understood?
Each separate consent to disclosure or use of tax return information must be contained on a separate written document (either paper or electronic).