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Sal Lucido, president and co-founder of the Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary, said the first written account of condors on the Central Coast is from 1602, when European explorers spotted the huge birds feeding on a whale carcass in Monterey Bay.
A written account from the expedition of Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro tells of a huge trading raft captured in 1525 along the coast of what is now Ecuador.
Award-winning nature writer, Gretel Ehrlich, chronicles her year-long circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle documenting the environmental and human impact of global warming, in this passionately written account of receding ice and dying traditions.
The findings help clarify the historian Appian's written account of the siege of Carthage, led by the Roman general Scipio in 146 B.
It was not a foregone conclusion that Galileo would be allowed by NASA management to execute observation sequences during the Earth flybys," according to a written account of the mission plans by Science Data Team Chief Theodore C.
His voice includes the diary he kept on board at the time, recent interviews with him, and a written account that he produced for the volume.
of Portsmouth, Britain) analyzes how Algerian-born French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) responded to specific events by writing, and how the relationship between the event and the written account reflects his thinking.
MARK Douglas gave an interesting and well written account of why problems persist at the region's two Premier League clubs (Journal, Saturday).
Hillsborough Inquests DAY 203 In a written account he made shortly after the tragedy, he said: "Face lifeless.
A seminal and meticulously written account, "The Life of Orson F.
Critique: A fascinating, detailed, comprehensive, documented, deftly written account, "Deadly Censorship: Murder, Honor, and Freedom of the Press" by James Lowell Underwood (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Constitutional Law, University of South Carolina School of Law) is an impressively presented work of seminal scholarship that is especially recommended for academic library20th Century American Judicial History reference collections.
Mike Shaw moved to Scapegoat Hill from Derby five years ago and is eager to research its history to ultimately provide a written account.
The project includes the call to inspections and a written account statements for completed surveys.
IF THE proven charges including a shove of the fourth official had not been so serious, you might have got a laugh or two out of the FA's written account of the Paul Ince trial.
John Freeman from Wrexham has won a Technical Merit award for written account of his product and received a trophy and a cheque for PS50.