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an assignment to write something

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These related questions ask students to articulate connections between their reading and writing, and to begin to consider the best way to approach the assigned reading in terms of the writing assignment.
The second exercise is a highly structured formal writing assignment aimed at furthering the student's progress in the development of writing skills, as well as demonstrating knowledge of course content, in a sophomore-level WI Lifespan Development Psychology course.
In addition to the self-study writing assignment being examined here, other writing assignments have been used such as journals, observations, interviews, professional journal summaries, case studies, and reflective writings on specific course topics.
Writing Assignment 2: Select 3 pathologies and trace their origin and progress.
Although educators theoretically accept this notion, it is still difficult to implement appropriate writing assignments when faced with a full classroom and a tightly packed knowledge base to convey.
Williams says the seven winners already are trying to leverage their" "prize-winning" scenes to secure an agent and to get an official writing assignment on "The L Word.
Asking students to draft letters to their future selves is a tried-and-true writing assignment.
This is, in short form, what it has just taken me 375 pages to say in greater detail, about how a small monthly writing assignment can have consequences that affect you forever.
The development of writing assignments was explained using the University Writing Program, which includes eight characteristics of a good writing assignment.
One writing assignment and three questionnaires were used to elicit student perspectives during the transition.
There was no "hit list," but according to Northbrook attorney Steven Glink, who specializes in school law and has won a number of court victories in "zero tolerance" violations cases, the locker did contain a doodle of a gun, a photo of two swords, an essay defending the right to keep and bear anns, and another writing assignment mentioning weapons.
Given the number of useful business publications that appear today on the Web, and that are often available at no cost to the student, the task of locating appropriate material for this type of writing assignment is easier than ever.
FRANKLIN, Ohio: A high school teacher was reprimanded for offering a list of possible topics for a writing assignment that included the question: "If you had to assassinate one famous person who is alive right now, who would it be and how would you do it?
The first writing assignment is designed to enable students to better understand these schools of thought.
My main goal was to just get a writing assignment to pay some bills," he remembers.