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Synonyms for write-down

a lowering in price or value

Synonyms for write-down

(accounting) reduction in the book value of an asset

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The write-downs were associated with the firm's trading division.
These write-downs are primarily related to goodwill and customer lists in connection with the company's activities in MAG45, a supply chain specialist, and STI, a training and consultancy company.
EPS, excluding the write-down of the project Mall of Scandinavia for the year, was SEK4.
Those companies with 'short' land banks (ie those who have bought a lot of their land recently), or those in geographic areas where prices are falling the most, will be the first to be compelled to make write-downs.
NEW YORK: Merrill Lynch yesterday reported about $16 billion in mortgage-related write-downs and adjustments in the worst quarter of the company's history.
The write-down represents $5 billion to $7 billion in net income on an after-tax basis, it said.
A limited number of asset write-down studies exist, but the results of these studies are mixed due to sample selection differences and inadequate research methods (Alciatore et al.
Gemstar, a technology licensing company, reported last week that it would take a write-down of $5 billion to reflect new accounting rules governing how acquisitions are valued.
Although the Trust Shares had declined in value by 65%, the write-down will be less than this percentage because Bank, in order to protect the status of Company Loan 1 as a securities acquisition loan, would not agree to a write-down in excess of the aggregate principal amount of all of the Trust Loans except Trust Loan 1.
The write-down, as well as some refinancing with the company's bankers, allows Tembec to start from scratch as it attempts to get the mill - which produces high-quality paper packing board - to full production.
In fact, chairman and chief executive officer William Bindley notes that it would have been the strongest in the company's 21-year history were it not for the Revco write-down.
Lemminkainen Oyj (HEL:LEM1S) reported on Friday that in its financial statements for 2017, it will record a write-down for its deferred tax assets related to Norway and Sweden in accordance with IFRS standards.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-February 9, 2016-Peab reports SEK800m write-down in Mall of Scandinavia project in Solna
The result is a larger write-down of these assets than initially anticipated.