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Synonyms for write off

concede the loss or worthlessness of something or somebody

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write something fluently, and without hesitation

cancel (a debt)

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reduce the estimated value of something

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The Turkish media has said the Finance Ministry was quick to write off the tax fine debts of pro-government companies though it was reluctant to do so for other firms.
No agreement has been reached with ILIC to write off any of the debt," said the bank in a statement to the bourse.
When contacted on the issue, Dr Ishrat Husain (ex-governor, SBP) termed write offs as a recognition of reality - that the original asset has diminished in value and, therefore, it needs to be carried on the balance sheet at its realistic value.
Last week, National Irish Banks decided to write off EUR171m relating to its commercial property book.
The case stems from a 1993 decision by Congress allowing taxpayers to more easily write off donations that resulted in ``intangible religious benefits.
But the major prefabricated home builder denied newspaper reports over the weekend that it would write off a total of 250 billion yen in such losses during the current business year.
There may be a desire to write off amortizable or depreciable assets as soon as possible, to "get rid of them" and thus end the need to continue to account for them over several years.
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You may be able to write off 10% of your utility bills, deduct 10% of home maintenance costs and even take depreciation deductions based on 10% of your home's value.
10200, and provides for TNP to write off $35 million of the PUCOT's total disallowances of $61.
The second let businesses write off the costs of new buildings and machines far faster than they actually wear out--a practice called accelerated depreciation.
The board has also decided to write off the deficit of SEK 140 million in the profit-share system that has accrued during the current year.
COUNCILLORS will have to write off debts of more than PS8m owed to Kirklees Council.
The Prime Minister on the request of the parliamentarians of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gave the approval to write off loans that were outstanding on December 31, 2009.
Summary: Some banks write off debt after just 180 days.