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Synonyms for write off

concede the loss or worthlessness of something or somebody

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write something fluently, and without hesitation

cancel (a debt)

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reduce the estimated value of something

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Implementation of new standards affords new opportunities to present financial information, and the increase in discretion may have afforded managers the ability to write off large amounts of goodwill with the intention of a more conservative valuation.
A common belief is that debt write offs in the post-2002 era overburdened the banks, thus affecting their profitability.
The case stems from a 1993 decision by Congress allowing taxpayers to more easily write off donations that resulted in ``intangible religious benefits.
intend to write off nearly 2 trillion yen in bad loans in fiscal 2001 through next March, about double the initially announced amount.
The House bill is very effective: it requires companies to write off their capital assets as they actually wear out.
This "edict" by Senator Grassley is prompting hospitals to take immediate action in the area of charity write offs.
Global Banking News-June 29, 2017--China Minsheng to write off bad debts
COUNCILLORS will have to write off debts of more than PS8m owed to Kirklees Council.
After internal approvals to write off of outstanding loans of the borrowers of Lower Dir, Upper Dir, and Shangla Districts under Fiscal Relief Package of the Government, the banks/DFIs /MFBs may submit claims to the office of SBP-BSC (Bank), Peshawar on prescribed format duly audited and authenticated by their Internal Audit up-to April 10, 2012.
It has been disclosed through record available in the National Assembly Library that collectively 626 people have write off their loan worth of Rs 2.
Deferred tax asset $105 (To write off the deferred tax asset upon exercise of options) Dr.
He also said the calculators assume a homeowner is itemizing his taxes to write off the mortgage interest and property taxes, when in reality only half of taxpayers actually do itemize.
The Danish investment company 2M Invest A/S said today (16 January) that as a result of its Swedish portfolio company Dial Nxt Group AB's petition for bankruptcy 2M Invest would write off its total commitment of approximately DKK20m in Dial Nxt Group.
The banks wrote off a record total of more than 10 trillion yen in fiscal 1998, and had predicted in their midterm reports in September that they would write off slightly more than 3 trillion yen in fiscal 1999, which ended March 31 this year.
If you own investment real estate in some desirable part of the world, you may be able to write off travel costs to visit the property.