writ of election

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a writ ordering the holding of an election

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Pursuant to the Premier's request the Commissioner issued an Order to the Chief Electoral Officer, Jo-Ann Waugh, directing that the writ of election be issued.
The right of the elected Senator to supplant the appointed one was challenged on the grounds that the governor had no legal right to issue the writ of election, because neither Congress nor the Maryland legislature had enacted legislation authorizing the special elections contemplated by the 17th Amendment.
Because no nominations were received in the constituency of South Baffin, which includes the communities of Cape Dorset and Kimmirut, a new writ of election was issued.
The Fourth Session adjourned on March 12, 1999; the House was dissolved on May 8, and the writ of election was issued.
For the parliamentary bye-elections, the writ of elections, which he also said would be held within 90 days, will be issued by the President.