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Synonyms for wriggly

moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion

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'' Most of us are disgusting, messy, sweaty, slobbery and wriggly at night
Most importantly, Wriggly Tin is on the doorstep three major trails - The South Downs Way, Wre Fo Wayfarer's Walk and Monarch's Way, which represent hundreds of miles of wonderful walking.
"We're also looking forward to a visit from the Wriggly Readers from Loughborough Library, who will be reading some wonderful stories to the children and their bears on August 10 at 10.30am."
Anya is more than happy to be picked up, but she is not so keen on grooming as she is a little wriggly. A lovely girl who will make the perfect addition to her new home.
The concert was followed by the infants in a production of the entertaining'A Wriggly Nativity'.
Although she tries her best, at heart she's still a wriggly, giggly chatterbox who likes nothing more than making people smile.
Among other unusual adventures, the show has regaled viewers with features requiring Yin to learn how to do a tightrope act, climb a coconut tree, ingest all sorts of wriggly and squiggly creatures and participate in unusual sports, like archery and horseback.
I couldn't believe it when he handled an armadillo, it's such a strange looking animal and very wriggly.
Others are traffic signs telling drivers to "be kind", and warnings that a worm is "slippy and wriggly".
On his plate are lots of little wriggly jiggly people which he is not keen on eating and keeps avoiding if he thinks he can get away with it.
holding earthworms' wriggly bodies extending and retracting in
"It seems my wriggly friends have survived and are flourishing," he said.
Live football Sky Sports 1, 8pm A CAN of wriggly worms was opened when Kevin Friend was told he wouldn't be refereeing Stoke v Tottenham because he lives in Leicester, writes Phil Agius.
This tiny person had relied on my body for nine months, and here he finally was: bright, wriggly, and even more in need of my conscious efforts to sustain him.