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Synonyms for wriggling

moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion

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The fish can be seen wriggling for several seconds before going back to its former resting state.
Waiting in A&E was horrible as I could feel it wriggling inside ANGELA COLBORN ON HER PANIC AT HOSPITAL
like worm, which was 5cm long, and had a red tip, was still wriggling when it was spotted.
The team proposes that sidewinding arises from the interplay of two wavelike snake motions, just a little out of phase in time, with one wriggling vertically and the other side to side.
Peptides with their capacity for wriggling and breaking membranes are difficult for bacteria to evolve immunity against.
Summary: Cameras have caught the moment a panda gave birth to a tiny, wriggling cub in China.
Wriggling Lambert was first to test debutant keeper Richard O'Donnell - a surprise replacement for injured veteran Nicky Weaver - his low free-kick almost wriggling under the young keeper who desperately held on to the fiercelystruck effort.
"You can only get in and out by wriggling through a hole.
Butcher Craig Laird was overjoyed to be told his beloved pet Honey, a pounds 500 Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had been found after wriggling free under a gate at his home in Nottingham.
It might give him less wriggling room if I proposed to him over the PA system at our local squash club.
Anyway, everyone there at the time can be heard screaming with laughter while I, eyes hidden behind a cushion or whatever man is available at the time, scream in horror at the thought of that slimy thing wriggling about in that child's mouth.
The final pose is a breathtaking extension of her whole body while perched on the wriggling muscle of the man's thigh.
I started wriggling around, looking under the seat in front of me, checking my own lap, looking in the bag of the guy behind me ...
If you've ever worried about what T-shirt to wear for the right occasion then Comic Book Guy can help and Ralph warns: "If rice is wriggling, it's not rice." 4 STARS