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Synonyms for wrestling

the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat

the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down

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In the prayer following the chapter, all his energy gathered--all his stern zeal woke: he was in deep earnest, wrestling with God, and resolved on a conquest.
His convictions drag him out of his little home at all hours to minister to the sick and exhort the wicked; they give him no rest, and never let him feel he has done enough; and when he comes home weary, after a day's wrestling with his parishioners' souls, he is confronted on his doorstep by filthy abuse pasted up on his own front door.
Back-swording and wrestling were the most serious holiday pursuits of the Vale--those by which men attained fame--and each village had its champion.
But the rich treat for the worthy captain was to see the "chivalry" of the various encampments, engaged in contests of skill at running, jumping, wrestling, shooting with the rifle, and running horses.
In the good town of Blyth there lived a stout tanner, celebrated far and near for feats of strength and many tough bouts at wrestling and the quarterstaff.
Starbuck seemed wrestling with an angel; but turning from the door, he placed the death-tube in its rack, and left the place.
As he was fast making jam of his fruit by wrestling with the door while the paper-bags were under his arms, I begged him to allow me to hold them.
For two vast days we struggled in undertones and wrestling contests.