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When she resisted, he put her in a wrestling hold. Wallace told investigators: "I kept the hold on her until she passed out.
Culling tunes from the two (sort of three) piece's debut LP Shatner's Bassoon (See next week's Sounds for full review) the band's repertoire meandered from songs about childhood hero Johnny Morris to Brian's favourite wrestling hold The Boston Crab.
When he locks you into a wrestling hold, tell him very clearly you don't like it, don't want it and that he should stop.
1 Garbage truck (8) 5 Measure of quality for silk (6) 10 First Minister (4,7) 16 African antelope (5) 18 Luggage frame for top of a vehicle (4,4) 19 Buy back (6) 20 Eight-legged creature (4) 22 Black wood (5) 23 Zodiac sign (6) 24 Shut up (7) 25 Stimulated (7) 26 Stand-in employee (4) 29 Transmitted (4) 30 Annual plant (5,3) 32 Suffragette, - - - Inglis (5) 36 Customary practice (5) 38 Breed of cat (7) 39 Garden basket (4) 40 Country, capital Cairo (5) 42 Biblical ship (5,3) 44 Jeered (5) 45 Wash through (5) 47 Columba's island (4) 48 Feed (7) 50 Rebellious (7) 51 Handcuff (7) 52 Small trumpet (5) 53 Wrestling hold (6) 54 Royal castle (8) 56 Hey - - -, magician's cry!
And I wouldn't argue back, because even her name sounds like a nasty wrestling hold.
Janitor Bobby Moffat, 52, said Waterstone put the boy in a half- nelson wrestling hold and grabbed him by the throat.
I had a special relationship with Ed because, in my childhood years, he would spend time with me teaching me some wrestling holds. He was on the SIU wrestling team.
CELTIC Wrestling holds its fifth anniversary show on Friday with another gripping line-up unveiled for the Canton Community Hall, in Cardiff, show.
Older boys, some charge, are using wrestling holds to intimidate younger students.
Most wrestling holds involve the head and neck, and most wrestlers are right handed.
The infections appear to start with skin abrasions, and transmission can occur during tight wrestling holds. Recurrences may be triggered by dehydration, stress, sun exposure, or other factors, said Dr.
which introduced three minute rounds, gloves, a 10 second count and a ban on wrestling holds. While in the 19th century the heavyweight division was dominated by British fighters, by the turn of the 20th century American boxers took over, including John L Sullivan, "Gentleman" Jim Corbett, Jack Johnson and then in 1919 Jack Dempsey.
got his boys throw of a He would use pupils to show off his martial arts skills, subjecting them to punches and slaps and wrestling holds. The thug, from Largs, was sacked after the abuses emerged.