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Synonyms for wreckage

Synonyms for wreckage

an act, instance, or consequence of breaking

the act of destroying or state of being destroyed

the remains of something destroyed, disintegrated, or decayed

Words related to wreckage

the remaining parts of something that has been wrecked

References in classic literature ?
The sea was littered with wreckage among which floated the pitiful forms of women and children, buoyed up by their useless lifebelts.
Then Tarzan selected several pieces of wreckage that might answer him as paddles, and presently was making good headway toward the far-off shore.
The wreckage of the spring washing appeared everywhere--piles of sluice-boxes, sections of elevated flumes, huge water-wheels,--all the debris of an army of gold-mad men.
They reeled about the room, locked in each other's arms, and came down with a crash across the splintered wreckage of a wicker chair.
There was a rush of sailors across the wreckage of the fore- topmast to the forecastle to pack their bags.
Quite as a matter of course he noted the succeeding wave sweep the sand clean of the human wreckage.
In the midst of the wreckage of overthrown and smashed furniture, partly on his side, his face hidden by an arm, lay a man.
Hour after hour she had been watching the water, the lonely, useless stone towers, and the convulsed mass of iron wreckage over which the angry river continually spat up its yellow foam.
When Pete arrived Maggie, in a worn black dress, was waiting for him in the midst of a floor strewn with wreckage.
The man who struck me went down across my body, Nelson followed him, and they say there were few unbroken windows in the wreckage of the car that followed as the free-for-all fight had its course.
Over the city of the Mercenaries we saw a great captive war- balloon that burst even as we looked at it, and fell in flaming wreckage toward the earth.
Without warning the tree above him was riven by lightning, and when the rain ceased and the sun came out Tarzan lay stretched as he had fallen, upon his face amidst the wreckage of the jungle giant that should have shielded him.
Another time they chanced upon the time-graven wreckage of a hunting lodge, and amid the shreds of rotted blankets John Thornton found a long-barrelled flint-lock.
The air was thick with flying wreckage, detached ropes and stays were hissing and coiling like snakes, and down through it all crashed the gaff of the foresail.
He was able to push back the wreckage with ease and step out.