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Synonyms for wreckage

Synonyms for wreckage

an act, instance, or consequence of breaking

the act of destroying or state of being destroyed

the remains of something destroyed, disintegrated, or decayed

Words related to wreckage

the remaining parts of something that has been wrecked

References in classic literature ?
He groaned as they dragged him out and laid him down upon a cushion in the shelter of the wreckage.
All together they cleared three considerable chunks of wreckage, and then Bert was glad to clamber up into the cabins again and give place to a second squad.
Several of the crew of the airship were standing about in silence, contemplating the wreckage and the empty wilderness into which they had fallen.
On the other hand was the wreckage of the great airship and the men bivouacked about a second ruddy flare.
My word, some whale," Daughtry said to Ah Moy, as they emerged from the cabin companionway and gazed at this latest wreckage.
A helicopter of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has located the wreckage from an Iranian airplane that reportedly crashed on Sunday, after three days of search.
When rescuers began to arrive they hurled themselves and their effort, understandably so, at the wreckage of the school in the hope that some of the children could be saved as indeed, at least very early on, some were.
Egyptian officials said Wednesday that search teams have found the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight 804, which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on May 19, killing all 66 people on board, (http://EgyptAir crash: Wreckage found in Mediterranean - BBC News) the BBC reported.
Summary: A deep ocean search vessel hunting for the remains of an EgyptAir jet that crashed in the eastern Mediterranean last month has identified several main locations of its wreckage, the Egyptian investigation committee said Wednesday.
Duras' entire oeuvre springs from her gaze back at the wreckage.
Hartlepool and Skinningrove Coastguard Rescue Teams have been searching the area after the yacht wreckage, pictured above, was found yesterday.
The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has offered its assistance including heavy machinery needed to move the wreckage.
confirmed that wreckage found at the bottom of the ocean is that of a ship that went missing four weeks ago during Hurricane Joaquin, dpa reported.
ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The Philippine Navy in Tawi-Tawi continues its search operations to verify the reported sighting of a wreckage believed to be that of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.