wrap up

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  • verb

Synonyms for wrap up

arrange or fold as a cover or protection

form a cylinder by rolling

clothe, as if for protection from the elements

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For contractors, these wrap ups provide assurance that ample quality coverage is in place both for their own "direct" risk and for risks they could face as a result of work done by subcontractors.
Feasibility studies also seldom include the costs for claims and overall wrap up program administration that must continue beyond the completion of the project.
The entire project--from deciding what to build through deployment--was completed in one year, said Peggy Patterson, managing director of the insurance brokerage's wrap up division.
Brian Billhartz, senior vice president of Wrap Up Insurance Solutions, which provides agents and brokers with expertise on wrap-up coverages, notes that traditional wrap-ups go back at least 40 or 50 years, but the last decade has seen not only the emergence of CCIPS, but GL-only wraps that have attracted surplus-lines carriers not traditionally involved in construction.
Drone accessories include multiple items, such as lanyards, helipads, FPV goggles, tables, cables, umbrellas or sunshades, bags, backpacks and cases, extra power, battery bags, GPS tracker, tools, double sided tapes, micro SD cards, propellers and wrap ups. Humans can control manned drone accessories surveillance but unmanned drone accessories surveillance is uncontrollable in case of any computer malfunctioning.