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Synonyms for wrangling

an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)

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Trifactas customer base includes many of the worlds largest insurance companies that leverage Trifactas data wrangling solutions to accelerate the process of preparing data for a variety of use cases, such as claims analytics and risk modeling.
Intuitive interaction through real-time data wrangling that allows technical and non-technical users alike to go from raw data to deployed streaming applications in minutes.
But of more note to the looming leadership contest - given none of their MPs would want the job, anyway - is the wrangling over whether AMs need the nomination of a fellowmember to stand.
But what they should have been wrangling over were the $1.
of English, University of Hawai'i at Manoa), Wrangling Women: Humor and Gender in the American West is a unique look at a mountain community of women in Winthrop, Washington who run a western-theme town and work as ranchers, trail guides, horse trainers and packers.
The tentative agreements, reached four weeks ago, came after months of acrimonious wrangling between Mesaba management and union leaders from the Air Line Pilots Assn.
A name that calls to mind controversy, garbage and years of wrangling, a planning team with a global pedigree submitted plans to convert this former eyesore into the City's second largest park.
The ongoing partisan wrangling over exposure of two major domestic spying operations by the Bush administration was to be expected: Clinton-Gore-Reno Democrats (who ignored Clinton-Gore-Reno spying abuses) are shrieking that the Bush-led Republicans are driving us headlong into a police state.
It's kind of a distinction without a difference," she said, thus casually dismissing centuries of religious wrangling over the Decalogue's wording.
After some explaining and diplomatic wrangling, Fonteneau and his crew were cleared to begin their research, detailed in this account.
Ken Bluttman's Access Hacks: Tips & Tools For Wrangling Your Data (0596009240, $24.
The company claims 18 months of legal wrangling with Warwick District Council has created uncertainty which has deterred people from flying.
A 7-5 vote - the third on the issue - saw their plans to ground-share with Airdrie United thrown out after hours of legal wrangling.
It is a classic marriage breakdown that is happening, that needs skilled marriage counseling techniques, rather than yet more theological wrangling, which only adds fuel to the flames.
Years of legal wrangling and protest by gay rights groups ended in two major victories for gay and lesbian employees in September.