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Synonyms for wrangle

Synonyms for wrangle

Synonyms for wrangle

an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)

to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively

herd and care for

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The wrangle relates to an elbow injury which O'Connell insists was caused while playing for Bullets and not, as Bown believes, sustained on international duty.
Wrangle -- with its main meaning "to quarrel noisily or angrily; bicker" -- lacks the finer-tuned force of wangle: "1.
SWANSEA striker Bafetimbi Gomis is caught up in an PS8million contract wrangle which is threatening his chances of leaving in January.
A MAKEOVER FOR NEW MEXICO STATE University's athletic mascot, Pete--who formerly carried a pistol but now grips a lasso--is causing a bit of a wrangle.
The current wrangle between the council and MDHC over the cruise liners is a replay of the wrangle between the council and Merseytravel over Merseytram.
CONTROVERSIAL: Coventry Airport has been at the centre of a legal wrangle with planners
It's understood the Scotland star could even technically be a free agent after a wrangle involving new SPL contracts.
SECRET tapes recorded by a Wrexham fan will be transcribed at an estimated pounds 3,000 cost as the legal wrangle over their contents continues.
BEN AFFLECK optioned the movie rights to Peter Lefcourt's baseball-players-in-love novel, The Dreyfus Affair, difficult to wrangle.
Sadly for the Tynesiders - still waiting for the wrangle over their relegation play-offs to be decided - they had already conceded goals by Paul McNally and Brian Bainbridge.
Travel group National Express has settled a two-year old legal wrangle with an American bus operator at a cost of pounds 15.
A one-of-a-kind silent auction will be on display throughout the night and open for bidding, featuring original artwork by David Brown, Anderson Wrangle, Ken Beasley, Angela Maxwell, Alison Hunter, The Art Guys, Nina Craig, Jason Makepeace, I Love You Baby, Shaon Engelstein, and Aaron Parazette.
Leidos leverages Trifacta within CAADSTM to enable government agencies to wrangle biomedical data for more effective analysis within healthcare and life sciences.
Pim de Vos, Alves's lawyer during his recent transfer wrangle, said: "Afonso can't help it.
WHILE House and Senate negotiators wrangle over competing immigration bills, the news provides even more reasons -- aside from the obvious ones of economic stability, national security and fixing a plainly busted system -- for comprehensive reform: