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Synonyms for wow

a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

Synonyms for wow

a joke that seems extremely funny

impress greatly

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Presented in Table 4, the top words for wowee show an intensifying and positive emotive function of the DI.
The Maui wowee shrimp salad with a caper lime vinaigrette is another dynamite possibility.
Nichols Foods has launched a range of hot chocolate drinks, rejoicing in the names Yipeeee, Mmmmm and Wowee.
Same-sex weddings are expected to flourish in Hawaii, where apparently gay people will go on vacation, get whacked out on Maui Wowee, put on grass skirts, and next thing they know, they wake up married.
Cultivated business relationships with Apple, Intel, RIM and WOWee through distribution agreements for the award-winning SHOWWX+[TM] line of pico projectors for them to gain a better understanding of the emerging pico projection market and related applications.
Currently a hot, new act in the live music scene, the Black Cows was formed by its keyboardist, Wowee Posadas, as a side project and tribute to one of the world's most vibrant and innovative bands, Steely Dan.
Wowee * BIRMINGHAM has improved enormously in in the last 20 years but one thing the council has neglected until now is any great area of greenery.
The twitchy new wave of lead track Pencil Rot adds another string to his bow, kicking off his most diverse album since Pavement's Wowee Zowee.
LAS VEGAS -- In response to consumer demand, this year at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, WOWee ONE, the pioneer in ultra-portable speakers, and MicroVision, Inc.
The Black Cows-a nine-member band that keyboardist Wowee Posadas formed as a side project to play the music of American group Steely Dan and its former cohorts-is going places.
Cinema-goers voted from a shortlist of flavours that included Sunday roast, wowee wasabi, banoffee pop and mallowcorn.
Our triple salcow, wowee, world-record beating talent is for ( throwing tantrums.
Either way it will not effect the fact that his vocals made long players like debut Slanted & Enchanted and the classic Wowee Zowee the must-buys they are today.
The band's determination to take their time over Terror Twilight stemmed in part with their experience with Wowee Zowee a skewed little masterpiece released in 1995, an album, incidentally, that acted as a catalyst for Blur's change of direction after The Great Escape.
Tom: Good golly wowee you betcha gosh sir you're darned tootin whoooh whoooh whoooh yeah yeah yeah absooloooooootely yes sirree yes yes yes YEAH