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Synonyms for wound

Synonyms for wound

marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury

to cause physical damage to


to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on

to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

Synonyms for wound

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Dissolution of wound coagulum and promotion of granulation tissue under DuoDERM.
Yet, wet-to-dry orders are still common despite years of research showing the benefits of moist wound care.
And if you implement treatment programs, you see an increase in wound healing.
Zinn: How did Hillcrest's wound care program, as it is structured today, begin?
The Guidelines offer general conclusions from an independent expert advisory panel convened to determine appropriate use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), also known as Vacuum Assisted Closure(R) or V.
Today, it is virtually impossible to discuss wound care in long term care facilities without discussing payment, regulatory and certification issues.
Curative Health Services (Nasdaq: CURE), the nation's leading wound management company in the chronic wound market, has signed an agreement with Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, in California to manage the hospital's wound management program.
One of the struggles wound care manufacturers are having is timely Medicare approval for reimbursement of new technologies--specifically, products that do not fall within existing categories.
From the Atlantic to Pacific coasts and many major cities and towns in between, patients at Wound Care Centers(R) managed by Curative Health Services (Nasdaq:CURE) have overcome some of the greatest of medical odds.
Wound care programs are claiming results that seem made to order for PPS
Curative Health Services, a leading disease management company in chronic wound care, manages 130 Wound Care Centers(R), which offer comprehensive wound treatment for patients with chronic or nonhealing wounds.
Fast-moving wound care technology and slow-moving insurance bureaucracies make an uncomfortable mix - and the Medicare PPS is adding complexity.
22, 1998--More times than she can count in the last 10 years Nancy Vaughan, program director for the Wound Care Center(R) at Bethany Medical Center, has seen that look - of bridled hope, of skepticism that wants to give way to optimism.