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value sufficient to repay time or effort spent

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In the first study, participants noted feelings of happiness, worthwhileness, and spiritual harmony.
Furthermore they found that 'regardless of age or experience, our interviewees shared a belief in the worthwhileness of working with offenders in the community' and were struck by the determination of individuals in all three groups to maintain a positive sense of self-identity and, above all, to ' "make probation work" ' (2013: 40).
The essays consider the deception inherent to style and its ethical implications for writers, the worthwhileness of engaging in "stylistic play," Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of "surplus of vision," and the importance of stylistic awareness beyond savviness, how to make style practically cool and theoretically hip, teaching style as a cultural practice, style in research papers, pedagogic arguments for teaching stylistic variation, using functional language analysis in college writing instruction, style pedagogy in creative nonfiction, style in the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft, psychic distance in writing pedagogy, and more.
On this level, the practical addresses itself, reflectively, to the question of the worth of knowledge and to the nature of the social conditions necessary for raising the question of worthwhileness in the first place.
1222, 1237 (1930) (insisting on an evaluation of the law "in terms of its effects, and an insistence on the worthwhileness of trying to find these effects").
They maintained the worthwhileness and proper study of Oriental learning.
The argument defended in this chapter is that successful learning is a function of the worthwhileness and clarity of the learning intentions, the specifications, and the success criteria; the power of using multiple and appropriate teaching strategies with a particular emphasis on the presence of feedback focussed at the right level of instruction (acquisition or proficiencies); seeing learning and teaching from the students' perspective; and placing reliance on teaching study skills and strategies of learning.
Sutton-Smith (1999) observed that play can instill in participants a "renewed belief in the worthwhileness of merely living" (p.
"Once the possibility is there, it will not only be utilised by the smallish number of high-profile hard cases, but will also create an ethical framework in which the worthwhileness of some lives is undermined by the legal expression of what feels like public impatience with protracted dying and 'unproductive' lives."
Modeling the work processes of social-pediatric services of out-patient services of departments certainly shows worthwhileness of interaction of pediatricians and specialists of social work.
By doing so, there is a greater likelihood that the committee will be empowered to proceed in implementing its decisions, thereby giving its members a sense of empowerment and worthwhileness. To help ensure that the chair is embraced by the group's members, it is often useful at the outset for his/her activities to be primarily those of a facilitator.
Van Manen (1977) critiques "technical rationality," a way of approaching teaching that promotes presumption by considering the most efficient means to achieve given goals without considering the worthwhileness of the goals.
And their fruitage in social and religious helpfulness bears living testimony to the worthwhileness [sic] of our work [at Frelinghuysen]" (Decennial 8-9).
Presented method and tool was prepared for finding the best variant of manufacturing process and estimated start production worthwhileness. Feature method was used to integration CAD/CAM systems, so far.
worthwhileness stuffed into my back pocket like a wallet full of